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SA 02.07.2022 • 15:00 Uhr

Vvk.: 15,10 / 18,25 € Online-Bruttopreis inkl. aller Geb. / Ak.: 17 / 22,- €

Bummelkasten caused a stir with teary-eyed laughter and, yes, incomprehension („How can he …?!“) at Kulturzelt in 2019 and again in 2021 on the „Hessenkampfbahn“ (eng.: Hesse-battlefield renamed to Hesse-culture-field and during the Bummelkasten gig: Hesse-laughing-field). Despite its target audience Bummelkasten’s  show is no run of the mill children’s event. Without moralising, but with a lot of love and pointed, mostly spontaneous accuracy, Bernhard Lütke aka Bummelkasten slips into the role of the rapping „caretaker Klaus“, becomes „Princess Susi“, the toughest of all princesses, or is suddenly „Escalator Max“ and has so much fun that it’s hard to put into words. With zany songs, fart station simulations and much more, even the supposed adults can’t help but laugh. So take your sticky fingers off the sofa, take off your homepad-socks and go for another pee: The Bummelkasten is back in town!

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