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Mélissa Laveaux (CAN/HTI)

FR 26.08.2022 • 19:30 Uhr

Vvk.: 26,65 € Online-Bruttopreis inkl. aller Geb. / Ak.: 28,00 €

Mélissa Laveaux is so reluctant and cross-headed that her music refuses to be categorised: while her first two albums convinced with a successful mix of pop and folk, the Montreal-born songwriter and singer used the traditional songs of Haiti before the American occupation for her third album Radyo Siwèl which was released in 2018.

Almost hundred years later, she sings about this resistance, underscoring the power of music. The „afro-feminist“ singer revives the Méringue street orchestras that were formed at that time and adds a pinch of Afrobeat and indie rock to them. Now Mélissa Laveaux is back with a fourth studio album – ‘Mama forgot her name was Miracle’ is a spiritual, poetic and highly emancipatory record. Mélissa Laveaux reimagines the lullaby by using voices from the ether, from another time, from Audre Lorde to the goddess Lilith, to create a whole new pantheon of mythologies. Alternative. Modern. Subversive.

In ‘Mama forgot her name was Miracle’, Mélissa Laveaux’s political poetry and folk-blues groove are enriched by the gifts of creativity, joy, beauty, metamorphosis or even intuition.

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