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MI 06.07.2022 • 19:30 Uhr

Vvk.: 39,25 € Online-Bruttopreis inkl. aller Geb. / Ak.: 40,- €

Life can be tumultuous, one moment you’re struggling with filing for personal bankruptcy, the next you’re number one in the German album charts. This is what happened to Danger Dan, one of the three rappers in the Antilopen Gang. While the Antilopen Gang is focused on ruckus and sensational live spectacles, Daniel Pongratz takes a step back on his second longplayer, voice, piano and a few strings here and there –
that’s all it takes. In the context of his solo work, Danger Dan is a classic singer-songwriter who takes shots at his old enemy Antilopen, Ken Jebsen, Alexander Gauland and Jürgen Elsässer. This criticism is packed into really good melodies and works strikingly, emotionally without becoming kitschy and politically without taking refuge in political platitudes. The album Das ist alles von der Kunstfreiheit gedeckt is legal completely covered by artistic freedom. Before publication, it was legally examined for contestability and passed this examination without reservation. So we can be sure to see Danger Dan on our stage on the 6th of July! Good news, isn’t it?

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