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FR 05.08.2022 • 19:30 Uhr

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With her new album Aswât (Voices), Djazia Satour explores her Algerian heritage in a very subtle and original way. With a unique mix of Arabic folklore and poppy groove, she embraces her childhood in Algiers, creating music that radiates a very special warmth: 50s chaabi unites with the tribal rhythms of the Bendirs – light-footed banjo tones merge with deep bass and good-humoured piano playing. On Aswât, Djazia acts as the voice of the voiceless, telling rarely heard stories from a new perspective: deportation, exile and migration, and memories of loved and estranged people and places. So many voices in the confusion of our modern world, wandering like birds in a melody of the wind, carrying „the cries and the lamentations“ so profoundly that Djazia would have had no choice but to tell her stories in her mother tongue, Arabic. With an undisguised sound and a lot of feeling, Djazia uses the power of her voice and the hymn-like melodies that invite us to travel with her to a whole new world. A world where tradition acts as a source of authenticity for a modern, creative and refreshing artist, giving birth to a new form of boundless Mediterranean folklore and pop. 

„Her voice grabs and charms you. The artist sings with passion in the midst of a troubled world.“ (fip)

„You must see her on stage!“ (France Inter)

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