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Ecos De Siboney (CUB) - Son Cubano

FR 19.08.2022 • 19:30 Uhr

Vvk.: 23,50 € Online-Bruttopreis inkl. aller Geb. / Ak.: 25,- €

The grandchild of Compay Segundo, born Francisco Repilado in Santiago de Cuba in 1907, was the most famous musician of the Buena Vista Social Club and composer of the world-famous song „Chan Chan“. His grandsons Ernesto, Leonardo and Alejandro Repilado have been honouring their grandfather, who still performed on the world’s great stages at the age of 94. Compay Segundo taught them how to play the traditional Cuban dance music called the Son authentically. It was his wish that his „poetry set to music“ – as he liked to call his compositions – would continue to be interpreted in his spirit. This is why the group „Ecos de Siboney“ was founded and they became extremely popular in Cuba and has already toured in Mexico and Ecuador. Their album „Ecos de Siboney“ received twice the „Premio Lucas“ in Cuba and were nominated for the „Premio Cubadisco“, the Cuban Grammy, in the category „Musica tradicional“. Their video „Me dirás que sabroso“ was awarded in the category Musica tradicional. The group keeps the traditional Son Cubano alive and they were also successful with their own compositions, such as „Tengo un Son“. Performing on stage they play many compositions by Compay Segundo such as Chan Chan, Las Flores de la Vida, El Camisón de Pepa, Orgullecida, Macusa and La Guantanamera, but also their own compositions. We are very excited to welcome Ecos de Siboney in the Kulturzelt in Kassel to dance to the „mother of all rhythms“ from Cuba!

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