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SO 07.08.2022 • 19:30 Uhr

Vvk.: 27,70 € Online-Bruttopreis inkl. aller Geb. / Ak.: 28,- €

Originally we had invited these five guys to play for us in 2020 but because of the pandemic their visit had to be cancelled. This summer you can see and hear them, but beware! The warm and husky voice of lead singer Manuel Felder is much more intense in real life than it is online. We can guarantee that after the concert you will, at least, be left with goosebumps, if not more.

The songs from the new album “Intervention” simultaneously raises the feelings of homesickness and wanderlust in us. Their powerful and emotional music lets us daydream about hiking through endless forests, arriving in a warm hut or relaxing by a bonfire.

All of the album’s songs beautifully flow into one another but each of them keeps its originality. Some have more of a rock edge, others carry elements of country or soul.
The song “Rebel of The Night” leaves us pondering and almost feels like a ballad. “Judith”, however, makes us want to dance on the tables. “Overtime” is more of a quiet song with a heart warming message and “Out to Sea” arouses the same feeling that is described in the title; starting a journey into the unknown but knowingly towards an adventure. Let’s get carried away on this evening and let the band raise the feeling of wilderness and freedom within yourself.

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