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SO 24.07.2022 • 15:00 Uhr

Vvk.: 15,10 / 18,25 € Online-Bruttopreis inkl. aller Geb. / Ak.: 15 / 18,- €

Gorilla Club means great musical happiness — especially for the little ones. The members of Gorilla Club consist of ten friends who met to make music together. Thus, it is no common band but a club which we as listeners can join. In 2018 they released their debut 1-2-3-4 on which they played on the electrical guitar, combined with synthesizers and drums for children and their affiliated adults. In their new Album “Ok Cool!” you can learn “facts about octopuses” which are underlined with rock melodies. The name of the album is derived from the second song on the album, in which children get advice from adults that they don’t really want or need. In opening this leaflet or program you have asked us for our expertise on which concerts deserve your attention. Our recommendation? Grab your friends and/or family and join the club!

The only downside: the concert will inevitably come to an end, but your luck will not run out, as there will certainly be CDs to take home. After the concert you will thank us for our recommendation, but not in the sarcastic way that the children do in their songs. Of that, we are quite sure.

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