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SA 16.07.2022 • 19:30 Uhr

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Selima Taibi from Frankfurt is the woman behind the alias Mogli. Not only is she a singer and songwriter but also an actress, producer, moviemaker, model and designer — an all-round talent so to speak. Many of you might know some of her songs from the Netflix film “Expedition Happiness” in which she and her ex-boyfriend travel from Alaska to Mexico together. Their adventurous trip is accompanied by the beautiful indie-songs from her debut “Wanderer”.

The new album “Ravage” will be made into a cinematic album, in which she transports her messages vocally, musically but also with performances and costumes. It is a very unique project that has not been seen before in the German music industry. Her topics are powerful and important, she focuses on feminism, toxic masculinity, self empowerment and the power of vulnerability.

Her authenticity is what makes the change from the album “Wanderer”, which was developed with and through her experiences with nature, to her current, more electronic based and urban sounding music. The song “echo” is one of the three new ones that you can already listen to and perfectly describes her transformation. She sings: “be a voice, not an echo. Leave a mark in the sand.”, and a mark she leaves, maybe not in the sand but inside our tent and ears.

With her new album she hopes to evoke empathy and a healing effect for her audience.

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