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DO 07.07.2022 • 19:30 Uhr

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Known for his incredibly captivating live performances, Rufus Wainwright returns to Europe and makes a stop at the Kulturzelt!

The Canadian singer-songwriter learned to play the piano as a child and toured America with his younger sister, mother and aunt. In 1998, he signed his first record deal: he immediately received excellent reviews and gained a lot of attention in the music business. Tours with Sting, Tori Amos and Ben Folds followed. With a set list of classics and new tracks from his latest album ‘Unfollow The Rules’, Wainwright’s concerts are sure to be among the live highlights of the year.

Musician Wainwright, who has released ten studio albums, three live albums, two compilations and various individual contributions as a composer for soundtracks, says about music and its far too long absence during the pandemic: „For me, with every concert that happens, whether mine or others, we return a little more towards our normal lives. Experiencing music together gives me hope and confidence that together we will rise above the isolating and heartbreaking experience of the last two years.“

presented by Berthold Seliger
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